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Quotation for Services:

Hourly Rate:  An hourly rate will be determined when discussing the scope of work with the client company and depend on the type of service requested.   There is a minimum of 4 hours required.  This rate is a straight hourly rate for services provided.  This will include hours worked on site and at the home office. 

Project Cost:

A price can be quoted to complete a well-defined project.  It would be based on an estimate of the hours needed to complete the project and include a “not to exceed” statement assuring the client a maximum cost.  A detailed scope of work will be written.  If this scope changes the cost of the project will be affected accordingly.  Payment for projects would be 50% up front with the balance due upon completion of the project. 

Travel expenses:  There will be an hourly rate charged for travel and mileage.  All hotel and meal expenses will be reimbursed by the client company. 

Terms:  Terms for payment are net 30 days post invoice date.